Medical Assistant PSB Entrance Exam
Wednesday, December 04, 2019, 9:00AM
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Take the entrance exam early to complete your application. The entrance exam, called the Psychological Service Bureau (PSB) exam, is a five-part, computerized, timed test that is a requirement for the application process. The test costs $30 and is due at the time of registration, which must be done in person at the Testing Center, located in the Administration Building.

About the Radiologic Technology program

Rend Lake College uses the PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Exam as a criterion for admission in some Allied Health programs. This exam may be taken twice during an application year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Test scores will be issued on the day of the test.

Testing for Fall entry is held October through May for both the Radiology Program and the Medical Assistant Program.

The PSB/HOAE is a five part, COMPUTERIZED timed exam 

Part I -Academic Aptitude: 90 questions with a time limit of 45 minutes

• 30 Math questions (No calculator allowed.)
• 30 Analytical Reasoning questions
• 30 Word Identification questions

Part II -Spelling: 50 questions with a 15 minute time limit

  • 50 words/each spelled three different ways and you choose the correct spelling.

Part Ill -Reading: 4 short essays with a total of 50 questions and a 35 minute time limit

Part IV -Natural Science: 90 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes

  • Questions may cover areas of Biology, Chemistry, and Natural Science.

Part V-Vocational Adjustment: 90 questions with a 15 minute time limit

  • Questions have 11agree" or 11disagree11 answers.

Specific Tips:

  1. Read the General Instructions carefully and follow them exactly.

  2. Instructions for each part of the examination must be read and interpreted within given time limits.

  3. The directions are simple and should be read quickly but be sure you understand how to proceed within the
    particular section.

  4. Plan for maximum use of the time allotted for each part of the examination.

  5. Read the questions carefully. Work rapidly; answer as many questions as possible.

  6. Do not waste time puzzling over a difficult question. While the test questions are arranged in approximate order of difficulty, some earlier questions may be more difficult for you than later ones.

  7. When you have finished the easier questions, if there is time left, go back to any question you may have skipped in that part of the examination.

  8. Indiscriminate guessing does not pay off. An educated, reasoned guess may be worthwhile, however, random guessing is not recommended.

  9. Each correct answer receives one point. Incorrect or blank answers do not receive any points.

  10. Total points possible = 280.

  11. Sample test questions can be found at:

Study Guides

There are study guides available for purchase to help prepare for the PSB Test. Rend Lake College does not endorse any of the study guides available.

  1. The Health Occupations Aptitude Exam -located at

  2. HOAE Study Guide by Susan Hester (order from the web page ...

Please note the application due date for your program: 

  • Radiology- June 1st by midnight - online application
  • Medical Assistant - June 1st by midnight - online application
Location Testing Center | Administration Building | Ina Campus
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