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Math & Sciences

The Math and Sciences Division at Rend Lake College includes approximately 100 faculty members, 14 of whom are full-time. These faculty members have expertise in areas of biological and physical sciences; math; early childhood, elementary and secondary education; business; and health and P.E. Here, students gain a solid background for entering a pre-professional career.

Contact Math & Sciences

Math & Sciences Division
Phone: (618) 437-5321 Ext. 1288
Address: 468 N. Ken Gray Parkway, Ina, IL 62846 Attn: Math & Sciences
Fax Number: (618) 437-5677 Attn: Math & Sciences


Faculty & Staff

Administrative Assistant/Math and Sciences
Phone Extension: 1288
Building: South Oasis
Office: 134
Dean of Math & Sciences Division
Phone Extension: 1258
Building: South Oasis
Office: 145
M.S., Eastern Illinois University
Associate Professor Biology and Anatomy & Physiology
Phone Extension: 1378
Building: South Oasis
Office: 147
2017 RLCF FACULTY EXCELLENCE AWARD | A.A., John A. Logan College | B.S., Southern Illinois University Carbondale | M.S., Bradley University
Director of Enrollment Services
Phone Extension: 1331
Building: Administration
Office: 139
Vickie has worked at RLC in several positions. Vickie started teaching business classes part time in January of 2007. She then went to work full time in the Financial Aid office as an enrollment specialist, later became the Director of Student Records/Registrar, and is currently the Director of Institutional Research. Prior to her career at Rend Lake College, Vickie worked in the private sector for 15 years as a division manager at a telecommunications company, managing the financial services, collection, quality assurance and legal departments. Vickie received her Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Greenville College, and also holds a CCE from the National Association of Credit Management.
Math and Sciences Division / Chemistry Associate Professor
Phone Extension: 1732
Building: South Oasis
Office: 138
2013 PHI THETA KAPPA FACULTY EXCELLENCE AWARD | M.S. & B.S., Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Mathematics Professor
Phone Extension: 1715
Building: South Oasis
Office: 137
2018 RLCF FACULTY EXCELLENCE AWARD | 2018 PHI THETA KAPPA FACULTY EXCELLENCE AWARD | A.A., Rend Lake College | B.A., McKendree University | M.S., Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Business Associate Professor
Phone Extension: 1273
Building: South Oasis
Office: 154
Mark received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance with an emphasis in Financial Analysis from Benedictine University and followed that up with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). He has worked in the private sector as a small business owner and Registered Investment Adviser Representative for more than 20 years. Mark has been the lead instructor in Accounting, Economics, and Business at Rend Lake College since 2010. M.B.A. & B.A., Benedictine University
Math & Sciences Division / Biological Sciences Instructor
Phone Extension: 1722
Building: South Oasis
Office: 143
2015 PHI THETA KAPPA FACULTY EXCELLENCE AWARD | M.S. & B.S., Southeast Missouri State University
Mathematical Instructor
Phone Extension: 1721
Building: South Oasis
Office: 151
Biology Instructor
Phone Extension: 1286
Building: South Oasis
Office: 150


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Math & Sciences