Dennis Kemp, Director of Leadership Gifts at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital, accepts toys from Rend Lake College Foundation Children's Center Lead Infant Teacher Michelle Allen (RIGHT) and Assistant Infant Teacher Anna Talbert who delivered the gifts on behalf of everyone back at the RLCFCC who donated items. The drive was RLCFCC staff's answer to a wish list from children who are patients at Cardinal Glennon. CLICK HERE for a hi-resolution version of this photo. 

INA – Staff of the Rend Lake College Foundation Children’s Center granted some Christmas wishes last month.

On December 12, Lead Infant Teacher Michelle Allen and Assistant Infant Teacher Anna Talbert arrived at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital with a vehicle full of gifts for patients there. For months staff members, and the families of the children they care for daily, donated items in response to a wish list sent to the RLCFCC from children at Cardinal Glennon. Even in charity, a lesson was to be learned, according to Allen.

“We wanted to show the parents and children the importance of giving to those in need,” she said. “We don’t have to think of giving only at holiday time. Organizations such as this need donations year-round.”

RLCFCC staff voted to give to Cardinal Glennon to show heartfelt love for some children in the greatest need.

“We had a great response from our staff and families at the center, as well as some of the early childhood students,” she added.

Whether it’s Cardinal Glennon or others, the key is for those who have to remember those who have not, Allen said.

“Anyone can donate to Cardinal Glennon’s worthy cause. They also accept money donations. If this organization doesn’t work for someone, there surely is one that will. As a society, we need to think more of others and their needs. As a society, we tend to think more selfishly than we should. We hope to set an example for the children we care for ... an example that says how good it is and how good it makes you feel to give to someone who needs it. It is true that it is better to give than to receive.”

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