Spring Tenth-Day Enrollment Report up 9.3%

The official Tenth-Day Enrollment Report submitted to the state as required shows a 9.3 percent increase in credit hours generated when compared to last year, the previous all-time high. The 31,972 figure – compared to 29,257 for Spring 2003 – follows a 31.8 percent increase for Summer End of Term (7,534 credit hours) and a 6.8 percent increase for Fall End of Term (31,227). Typically, end-of-term figures are higher than tenth-day totals with the addition of late-starting classes. Four factors were cited by administrators for being primarily responsible for the 9.3 percent increase – 1) Dual Credit hours increased from 2,116 in 2003 to 2,669 in 2004; 2) Dual Enrollment hours are up, 114 to 285; 3) New Cosmetology classes contributed 916 hours; 4) Hours are up in General Education courses, including English, Health and Math.

Tuition increase of $5 per hour approved for Fall

Approved an increase in the in-district tuition rate from $52 to $57 per credit hour beginning with Fall Semester 2004 in order to meet forecasted budgetary needs of the college. Rend Lake College administrators are expecting to receive a reduction in the amount of funding received from State sources. The increase will allow the college "to maintain non-deficit spending," according to rationale provided, "and will allow the college to remain competitive with our peer group schools and maintain our stature as one of the most affordable community colleges in the state." A textbook rental option, in addition to the relatively low tuition, enables Rend Lake College to boast of its "most affordable" claim. The out-of-district tuition rate was set at $81 per credit hour and the out-of-country rate will be $150 per credit hour.

Clinton Electric gets site lighting bid at $20,125

Accepted the base bid from Clinton Electric of $20,125 for material and labor to upgrade lighting on the north roadway, parking lots and sidewalks. Eight bids were received for the project, which will be funded by excess Protection, Health and Safety monies. The bid by the Ina-based firm was the lowest submitted and was found acceptable due to previous experience on college projects by Clinton Electric.

Student Trustee petitions can be picked up, filed

Approved the Notice of Election for the Student Board Member, in accordance with the Illinois Public Community College Act. The student Trustee will serve a one-year term beginning with the April Board meeting. Necessary paperwork is available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Administration Building. Petitions may be filed between February 11 and February 20. The election is scheduled on-campus Tuesday and Wednesday, March 2-3; absentee voting will take place Monday, March 1.

Administrative Policy, Procedure revisions approved

Approved on second reading a new Administrative Policy regarding the requirement of a Student Photo I.D. Revised Administrative Procedures re: Computation of Hourly Pay Rate for Part-Time Employees; Fees, to cover Parking and/or Speeding Tickets issued by RLC Security Police; Identification/Disposal of Obsolete Equipment, Material and Supplies.

Jay Brooks to head Adult Ed / Family Literacy

Ratified the appointment of Jay Brooks as Director of Adult Education and Family Literacy, a 50-week, full-time, nontenure-track, grant-funded position, effective February 16. Brooks has been employed by Rend Lake College as a Future Focus Grant program counselor since July 2000. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Morehead (KY) State University and a Master of Arts Degree from Eastern Kentucky University. Brooks also has taught part-time on-campus and at Pinckneyville Correctional Center and worked for six years as Primary Therapist at Dessie Scott Children's Home.

PCC's Hempen, Literacy's Russell leaving

* Accepted with regret the resignation of Traci Hempen, Director of RLC's Correctional Education Program at Pinckneyville Correctional Center, effective February 13. Hempen has been in the position five years and praised her staff as the "finest and most dedicated group of professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with." She has accepted a position with Restoration Services, Inc. – Bechtel Jacobs, Inc.

* Accepted with regret the resignation of Dee Russell, who is retiring effective May 1 as Literacy Services Specialist. She has been a member of the Adult Ed staff since 1990.

* Accepted with regret the resignation of Brooks as a Future Focus Counselor

College to hire Educational Technology Specialist

Granted permission to advertise and hire an Educational Technology Specialist. An increase in on-line classes and need for more training and teaching was cited for the reason to fill a position which had been left vacant in recent months. It is a full-time (50-week), nontenure-track position which will pay $25,000 annually starting July 1.

Stover to Applied Science; Stark leave extended

* Learned of the February 2 transfer of Administrative Assistant Christie Stover from the grant-funded AmeriCorps program to the Applied Science Division.

* Contingent upon approval by the Illinois Department of Corrections, Trustees granted a one-month extension of the unpaid leave of absence for RLC's Big Muddy River Correctional Center Director of Correctional Education Mary Stark, effective February 9-March 10. Rest at home has been advised by her physician.

Stipend approved for BBQ Festival Coordinator

The Administrative Procedure regarding Stipends was revised to include a $3,500 stipend for Coordinator of the King City BBQ Festival. Rend Lake College, in partnership with the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, will host the second annual event in June at the Rend Lake College MarketPlace in Mt. Vernon. The major portion of the stipend is expected to be paid by revenue from the event.

Upcoming events . . .

** Homecoming Games/Dance – Thursday, February 12

** Studio RLC Grand Opening – February 24, 7 p.m.

** RLC Coffee Shop Open House – February 27, 11:30 a.m.

** Taste of RLC / Art Auction – April 1, 4 p.m. / 6 p.m.

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