Secondary Math, Retail Management added

Curricula and courses for two new programs were approved and authorized for submission to the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) for action.

** Associate in Arts Degree in Secondary Math, which includes a new Education course in Educational Technology and a Physical Science course, Principles of Earth Science.

** Associate in Applied Science Degree in Retail Management, which will require seven new courses approved; they include Principles of Retailing, Retail Management, Marketing Management, Inventory Management, Promotion and Advertising, Visual Merchandising and Customer Service.

** Two unrelated Physical Education courses were approved -- Aerobics II and Baseball Instruction.

Cooperative Agreement approved with Shawnee

Approved a new Interdistrict Cooperative Agreement between Rend Lake College and Shawnee Community College in Ullin. This agreement allows students to take programs at another college if their sending (home) college does not offer that program The student does not have to pay out-of-district tuition rates. Shawnee will accept students from RLC's district in its Associate in Applied Science Wildlife Technology degree program as well as in three certificate programs -- Applied Viticulture, Aquaculture and Enology. Rend Lake College, in turn, will accept students from Shawnee's district in Agricultural Mechanics, Architectural Technology, Computer-Aided Drafting, Diesel Technology, Heavy Equipment Technology, Horticulture, Hospitality Management, Industrial Maintenance, Manufacturing Technology and Mining Technology.

In financial matters . . .

Three actions approved related directly to financial matters . . .

** A revision was made for 2004-2005 regarding the amount of coverage needed under a surety bond for the treasurer of Rend Lake College District 521 as required by State of Illinois statutes. The amount required must be for an amount no less than 25% of the total of all bonds, notes, mortgages, moneys and effects of which the Treasurer is to have custody. After a review of current cash balances, investments held and bonds outstanding, it has been determined the surety bond needs to be in an amount no less than $14,818,277.

** Approved the transfer of $1 million from the Education Fund to the Working Cash Fund, as required by law, to repay earlier transfers made in anticipation of revenues to be received by the college. The college is in a position to do so at this time.

** The Board then agreed to transfer $1 million from the Working Cash Fund to the Education Fund. This is necessary due to the timing of receipts of funds from the State of Illinois for various grant payments currently due; monies left in the Education Fund will not meet current obligations.

Sarah Helmers chosen new Applied Science Chair

Employed Sarah Helmers as the Applied Science Division Chair on a 50-week, nontenure-track contract, effective May 17. She was selected from an applicant pool of 21 candidates based on her education and previous job experience relevant to the needs of the position. Helmers has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agribusiness Economics and a Master of Science Degree in Agriculture Education and Mechanization from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy Degree through SIUC's Workforce Education and Development program. She is employed by the SIU College of Agricultural Sciences as Enrollment Management Coordinator (since 2001) and Extern Coordinator (since 2002).

ADN Prof Saundra Lipe retiring after 26 years

Accepted with regret the resignation/retirement request of 26-year employee Saundra Lipe, who is an Associate Degree Nursing Professor, effective July 1. The Board also agreed to issue payment in the amount of $10,788.80, less any applicable payroll liabilities, for the purchase of 28.62 unused sick days. A textbook Lipe recently co-authored, Critical Thinking in Nursing, is used by Rend Lake College and other institutions; it provides essential content for learning how to "think like a nurse," training student nurses how to think critically while applying the skills necessary to practice nursing in a competent manner.

Recruitment Specialist Jerry Case leaving

Accepted with regret the resignation of Recruitment Specialist Jerry Case, effective June 10. Case joined the Counseling staff in February 2000.

New Instructor for Evening/Weekend Nursing

Granted permission to create a full-time position and advertise for a Practical Nursing Instructor for a new Evening / Weekend Program, beginning Fall Semester 2004. The minimum educational requirement will be a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing as mandated by the Illinois Nurse Practice Act. According to administrative rationale provided, "The requests for admission to nursing programs have increased due to the current nursing shortage. Space in our current classrooms and at clinical sites does not allow expansion of the day program. This program also would create an opportunity for working adults to obtain a practical nursing certificate. The new instructor would be instrumental in developing and teaching this curriculum."

College to seek copy machine/printer bids

Granted permission to seek bids for the purchase of new copy machines/printers as part of the college's duplicating systems. Five of the seven copiers obtained in 1999 under a municipal lease/purchase agreement have made in excess of over one million copies each and are requiring more frequent service, according to administrative rationale in support of the request.

Revisions to Procedures approved re:

** Stipends, including the elimination of a need for an Interim Children's Center Director and Interim Controller and the start of a Summer Pre-K Program Teacher July 1.

** Additional Fees in nine courses, including three to cover the cost of state board exams to encourage students to take these tests immediately after graduation for best results.

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