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Student Body Diversity for Fall 2019

Full-time Enrollment FY20
Primary Ethnicity by Gender Male
Asian 0.18%
American Indian 0.00%
Black or African American 2.94%
Hispanic or Latino 0.71%
White 40.07%
Nonresident Alien 0.09%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.00%
Unknown 0.09%
Total full-time males 44.08%


Primary Ethnicity by Gender Female
Asian 0.71%
American Indian 0.18%
Black or African American 3.21%
Hispanic or Latino 0.80%
White 50.67%
Nonresident Alien 0.00%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.09%
Unknown 0.27%
Total full-time females 55.92%

Total full-time students – 1123

Total full and part-time students – 2287

*Source ICCB E1 Report/IPEDS Fall Enrollment Report


Pell Grant Recipients for Fall 2017 - 711
Percentage of FTFT students receiving any financial aid–90%

*Source IPEDS Student Financial Aid Survey


Retention Rate for First-time Degree/Certificate-Seeking Students

Full-time Fall 2017 cohort retention rate – 65%

Part-time Fall 2017 cohort retention rate – 50%

Graduation rate cohort as percent of total entering students – 32%

*Source – IPEDS Fall Enrollment Report 

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