The Rend Lake College Bookstore is located on the ground floor of the Academic Building and offers access to course materials as well as a variety of merchandise.

In the Bookstore, you’ll find a selection of apparel, headwear, drinkware, and other spirit gear to help you cheer on the RLC Warriors. An assortment of other items are available to fill everyday needs such as school supplies, technology products, program-specific supplies, snacks & drinks, as well as access to an ATM.

About Our All-Inclusive Program

Through our All-Inclusive Program, a student’s course materials are now covered under the Instructional Support Fee. Fees are assessed to student statements at the time of registration allowing students to see their total costs immediately. This means students can manage their expenses upfront, making budgeting for college a more streamlined and transparent process.

Course materials can be obtained by completing the All-Inclusive Order Form. Students may select a pick up date or choose to have their order shipped for an additional fee. Some materials received through the All-Inclusive Program must be returned to the Bookstore before the deadline at the end of each semester.

All-Inclusive Order Form
For a list of current course materials, please see our Booklist.

Programs Exempt From All-Inclusive Textbook Program

Due to special circumstances involved in the purchase of books for some programs, certain courses will be exempted from the all-inclusive program.

The portion of the instructional support cost associated with textbook costs will be waived from the student accounts for the following prefixes: COSM, EMTP, HIT, MEDC, NURS, and RAD.

Students enrolled in courses with these prefixes will be responsible for the purchase of textbooks at an additional cost not associated with universal fees assessed to their account.


All-Inclusive Program Questions and Answers

Q. What’s included in the All-Inclusive Program?

A. All of your required course materials for the semester are included.

“Course Materials” refers to textbooks, workbooks, e-books, access codes, reading materials, lab manuals, handbooks, and packets. For a list of current course materials, please see our Booklist.

Q. How do I get my Course Materials?

A. You can obtain your required materials by completing the All-Inclusive Order Form, where you will select a pick up date or have your order shipped to you.

If you prefer to receive your order by shipment, an additional fee will be charged to your student account when your order is processed.

Q. Will I need to pay when I place my order?

A. No. All of your course materials are covered under the Instructional Support fee which is assessed to your statement when you register.

You may pick up your materials at no further cost or have them shipped to you for an additional fee.

For information on paying account balances, please reference How to Pay.

Q. What if I change my schedule after I pick up my order?

A. If your course schedule changes after you receive your order, you will need to exchange, pick up, or return materials at the Bookstore.

If you need to complete this process via shipping, please contact the Bookstore at [email protected].

Q. When do I need to turn in my materials?

A. The return deadline is the Wednesday after final exams each semester.

Q. How will I know what needs to be returned?

A. You can determine which items will need to be returned by referencing your receipt. Items designated as rent must be returned.

Quick Tip: Most items that need to be returned will be labeled with a sticker reminding you to do so.

Q. How can I return my items?

A. You may return your materials by dropping them off in the Bookstore. If you cannot return during business hours you may use our drop-box (located in Warrior Way). If you must return by mail please be sure to include your name and Warrior Tag within the package and ship to the address listed below.

Your materials must be returned by the return deadline regardless of the return method you choose.

Rend Lake College
468 N Ken Gray Pkwy.
Ina, IL 62846

Q. What happens if I miss the return deadline?

A. Items not returned by the return deadline will be charged to your account at full retail price.

Returns and removal of charges after the deadline will be at the discretion of the Bookstore.

Opting out of the All-inclusive Program

Students who choose to opt out will be responsible for obtaining their own course materials. Materials will only be offered at full retail price; no rental option will be available.

To obtain an Opt-Out form you must contact the bookstore.


Phone Number: (618) 437-5321 Ext. 1330
Email: [email protected]
Address: 468 N. Ken Gray Parkway, Ina, IL 62846 Attn: Bookstore
Fax Number: (618) 437-5677 Attn: Bookstore