Message from the President


As Rend Lake College approaches its 50th anniversary, our reason for being here remains the same as it was in the summer of 1967. We are here to help put higher education and career training into the hands of the people of our community, and we will continue doing that same thing into the far future.

Even though economic times have been tough in recent years, we have continued to innovate and grow to provide the programs and curricula our area needs. RLC continues to be the starting point each year for many students who want to transfer on to a four-year university or to train for a career without incurring a heavy debt load. We believe education should be available to everyone. Many of our students receive financial aid in some form, and Rend Lake College’s low tuition rates make college education much more affordable.

In addition to price, we have made it a point to improve access over the years. This includes the establishment of the RLC Murphy-Wall Pinckneyville Campus and the RLC MarketPlace in Mt. Vernon, and just as importantly, the implementation of a growing number of online offerings. These things have resulted in increased convenience for our students.

I believe in the mission of community colleges, and Rend Lake College and its counterparts nationwide are being recognized for the service and value they provide. We are regarded more and more as the first choice for college-bound students, and we also are the place to which people turn when they need a new start.

As educators, we want and expect great things from our students, but it’s also our job to hold ourselves accountable to you. This will sound familiar to some of you, but it’s worth saying again: You’re not a number to us. We want you here. We want to help you get to where you’re going. Never doubt it.


Terry Wilkerson