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Good to see you back! No matter if you’re a recent graduate or if you remember the days of Mt. Vernon Community College, you’re still a Warrior.

We would love to hear what you’re up to, so join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linked In and fill us in with #iamawarrior. 

And you’re always welcome to swing by campus and see what has changed. 

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Growing Stronger



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Rend Lake College has been accredited since 1969. Voluntary accreditation is an activity of great importance to RLC and the communities we serve. Through this process, we account for our programs' effectiveness and our promise to deliver educational quality.  



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The RLC Foundation exists to stimulate major voluntary private support from alumni, retirees, friends, corporations, foundations, and others - all for the benefit of Rend Lake College. The Foundation's main focus is to help students achieve their educational goals by awarding them scholarships. We gave out more than $400,000 in scholarships last year. 



Serving Our Community



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Our Community & Corporate Education Division provides diverse learning and enrichment opportunities for all walks of life. From our summer camps for kids to our lifelong learning classes, from our options for hobbyists to our training for employers and professionals, you'll find what you are looking for here. And if you don't, call us and let us know you want it.
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The RLC Foundation Children's Center offers care to children 6 weeks to 5 years old throughout the school year. Summer care is available to children up to 12 years old. The Center prides itself on providing positive relationships and diverse curriculum with a qualified staff in a safe, loving, and educational environment. We are the smart choice for RLC students, employees, and families in the community for years. DHS subsidy and private payments are accepted, and other payment options are available for RLC students. Click to learn more.


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Rend Lake College's main campus in Ina is located on the eastern shore of scenic Rend Lake, the second-largest man-made lake in the state. Access to the main campus is provided by Interstate 57 and State Route 37. The college is centrally located within the community college district it serves. We have satellite campuses in Mt. Vernon and Pinckneyville. The RLC MarketPlace campus in Mt. Vernon is off Potomac Boulevard. The Murphy-Wall Pinckneyville Campus is located on State Route 154.
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Rend Lake College Community Outreach

Welcome to the official home of Rend Lake College's Community Outreach events. If we have an outreach event coming soon in your area, you can learn all about it here!

April 22 (1-8 PM) - Rolland W. Lewis Building, Mt. Vernon

Topics to be discussed include:

Career Counseling Services - Check out our revamped career services page highlighting all the ways we can help you succeed and find your future!

Academic Advisement - Registration for summer and fall classes are underway, so meet your advisor and get the classes you need.

• RL-Cares - Our new free hotline that assists students with questions or concerns across any aspect of their academic career.

• Short-Term Programs and Certificates - RLC offers numerous programs that can get you directly into the workforce quickly, such as...

• Degrees in High-Demand/High-Pay Fields - RLC also offers multiple programs that are in the most needed and well-compensated fields in the country.

• Apprenticeships - RLC is partnering with more companies every day to help give students the opportunity to receive on-the-job, paid training in their desired career field.

• Skills Center - Obtain your GED with our easy, free program.

• Children and Youth Services - RLC offers plenty of youth services options to make getting an education with a family possible.

• Financial Aid Services - Regardless of where you are in life, you can be earning financial aid to Rend Lake College.

  • • Filling out the FAFSA - We know it's complicated, so we'll help you get it right and with the most award possible!

  • • Foundation Scholarships - The Rend Lake College Foundation awards $100,000+ in scholarships every year off a single application.

  • • Raise-A-Warrior - Our new program that allows grade school children to earn microscholarships across their academic career from grades 3-12.