CCAMPIS Application

CCAMPIS Application
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12 October 2022

Student-parent applicants are considered for child care assistance through CCAMPIS funding on the basis of eligibility status, financial income, need, resources, and family contribution levels.

Eligibility guidelines:

• Child care services may be provided by the RLC Children’s Center or another licensed provider.

Program requirements:

• Attend one parent orientation and workshop per semester.

• Attend at least one academic counseling session per semester.

• Submit a pre-term and post-term evaluation.

• Maintain good academic progress each term (GPA of 2.0 or higher).

• Must be at least a half-time student at Rend Lake College who is working towards earning a degree or certificate.

• Must be Pell Grant eligible.

• If needed, use resources available to me through Rend Lake College in order to best serve my child.


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