CCAMPIS Application

CCAMPIS Application
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25 October 2021

Student-parent applicants are considered for child care assistance through CCAMPIS funding on the basis of eligibility status, financial income, need, resources, and family contribution levels.

Eligibility guidelines:
• Child care services may be provided by the RLC Children’s Center or another licensed provider.
Program requirements:
• Attend one parent orientation and workshop per semester.
• Attend at least one academic counseling session per semester
• Submit a pre-term and post-term evaluation
• Maintain good academic progress each term (GPA of 2.0 or higher)
• If needed, use resources available to me through Rend Lake College in order to best serve my child.
If you are interested in childcare through our program, please fill out the application on the following pages
completely and return with additional required forms to The Rend Lake College Foundation Children's Center


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