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Diesel Technology

The Rend Lake College Diesel Technology program is designed to provide students with the technical knowledge and work skills needed to enter the diesel engine repair and maintenance field. This mechanical-field program is structured with both lecture and laboratory experience and leads to either an Associate in Applied Science Degree or an Occupational Certificate.
College personnel take great pride in the fact that most work is based on realistic live work situations. Emphasis is placed on hydraulics, diesel fuel systems, transmissions and power trains, diesel engine maintenance, diesel engine electronics and computerized engine controllers in relation to the modern technology of today’s industry. Associate degree course work includes one semester of supervised occupational experience (on-the-job training).

Degrees & Certificates in Diesel Technology



Occupational Certificate
► Total = 30 Hours

Gainful Employment

First Semester (17 Cr. Hrs.)

AGRI 1203 Ignition and Electrical Systems (5)

AGRI 1208 Diesel Engines (6)

DIEL 1204 Intermediate Diesels (4)

DIEL 1208 Diesel Accessories (2)

Second Semester (13 Cr. Hrs.)

AGRI 1206 Ag Air Conditioning Systems 3 (4)

DIEL 1202 Basic Diesel Fuel Systems (2)

DIEL 1203 Heavy Equipment Alignment
or Elective 2 (4)

DIEL 1205 Heavy Equipment Brakes
or Elective 2 (3)

2 See Division Chair for list of approved courses.


Associate in Applied Science Degree

A two-year program leading to an Associate in Applied Science Degree. The program is designed to prepare students for occupations involving the maintenance and repair of diesel engines. Upon completion of the curriculum, the student should have a thorough knowledge of servicing diesel systems and their accessories. Also upon completion, the student has the option to capstone into a participating four-year institution.

► Total = 66 Hours

First Semester (16 Cr. Hrs.)

AGRI 1208 Diesel Engines (6)

DIEL 1208 Diesel Accessories (2)

ENGL 1101 Rhetoric and Composition I 1 (3)

HEA 1101 Health Education
or HEA 1102 Basic First Aid (2)

PSYC 2101 Introduction to Psychology 1
or PSYC 2106 Human Relations (3)

Second Semester (17 Cr. Hrs.)

AGRI 1204 Physics of Hydraulics (5)

COMM 1101 Principles of Effective Speaking (3)

DIEL 1202 Basic Diesel Fuel Systems (2)

DIEL 1210 Supervised Occupational Experience (4)

Elective – General Education 2 (3)

Third Semester (16 Cr. Hrs.)

AGRI 1203 Ignition and Electrical Systems (5)

AGRI 1222 Applied Mathematics
or MATH Elective – Math 1 (3)

AGRI 2201 Transmission and Power Trains (4)

DIEL 1204 Intermediate Diesels (4)

Fourth Semester (17 Cr. Hrs.)

AGRI 1206 Ag Air Conditioning Systems 3 (4)

AGRI 2204 Advanced Major Overhaul (5)

DIEL 1206 Advanced Diesels (4)

DIEL 2210 Supervised Occupational Experience (4)

WELD 1270 Introduction to Welding Processes (4)
1 Prerequisite course(s) may be required based test scores.
2 See Division Chair for list of approved courses.
3 Highly recommended course for students in the Diesel Technology program.

Program Outcomes

Diesel Technology

  • Communicate effectively the current issues and challenges of the Agriculture industry.
  • Demonstrate the ability to gather and synthesize information pertinent to Agriculture.
  • Demonstrate the ability to calculate and interpret results of specific agricultural scenarios.
  • Exhibit an in-depth understanding of internal combustion engines common to the agriculture industry.
  • Develop critical thinking skills in order to troubleshoot DC electrical systems.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of fluid power.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding concerning function and adjustment of various agricultural implements.
  • Demonstrate a personal work ethic and perspective necessary to be successful in the agriculture industry.

Faculty & Staff

Dean of Applied Science & Technology
Phone Extension: 1292
Building: Advanced Technology Division
Office: 138
Ag Mechanics & Diesel Technology Professor
Phone Extension: 1269
Building: Applied Science Center
Office: 112
Ag Mechanics Certificate, Rend Lake College | A.A.S., Rend Lake College
Administrative Assistant/Applied Science & Technology Division
Phone Extension: 1261
Building: Advance Technology Center
Office: 138

Applied Science & Technology Division
Phone: (618) 437-5321 Ext. 1261
Address: 468 N. Ken Gray Parkway, Ina, IL 62846 Attn: Applied Science
Fax Number: (618) 437-5677 Attn: Applied Science


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