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The Rend Lake College Theatre Department offers classes in acting and theatre. Each year, the RLC Theatre program is committed to producing two shows – a fall play and a spring children’s show. Auditions for the shows are open to students and community members who want to gain experience and training on the stage.

Program Outcomes


  • Employ knowledge of specific theatrical elements and associated practices
  • Demonstrate, through written works and oral presentations, an understanding of the historical and current impact of theatre upon its society
  • Analyze and evaluate live theatrical performances in an educated voice
  • Demonstrate believable and effective performance skills through a solo presentation

Fall Play

Sinbad HSlide

Auditions: 6:00 pm Tuesday, September 3
Evening Performances: 7:00 pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday, November 7-10 
Matinee Performance: 2:00 pm Sunday, November 11
RLC Theatre

Tickets: $12 
Tickets on sale October 21. Call (618) 437-5321 Ext. 1467 to preorder. Or you can buy at the door, if available.




Spring Children's Show

Flummoxed Fairy Tales — written and directed by Tracey Webb — is our annual play performed for thousands of area grade school students. Check the Events Calendar for dates



RLC Thespians practice a form of acting called Comedy Improvisation. They perform the same kind of quick-thinking acting exercises as seen on television's "Who's line is it anyway," as well as the exercises "Second City" school of Improvisational acting has mastered. This sort of acting led to the popular Saturday Night Live television series, still running since the 1970s!

The Thespians also rehearse written scripts and perform plays based on current events or issues that teach lessons. Club meetings take place each Friday in the theatre at 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters.

Each spring semester, the Thespians club members perform the annual play, "Flummoxed Fairy Tales," for area grade school children. Student club members earn 3 credits while gaining acting experience in this original, comical spoof of well-known fairy tales. Busloads of grade school children arrive and are entertained for free in late April! Schools are encouraged to make reservations early because seats are limited.

Tracey Webb, the sponsor of the RLC thespians can be reached in her office by email or phone: or 618-437-5321, Ext. 1295.


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Music & Theatre



Flummoxed Fairy Tales 2011

flickr icon square Flummoxed Fairy Tales

Treasure Island 2013 Fall Play

flickr icon square Treasure Island 2013

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

flickr icon square The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus 2015


The Legend of Robin Hood

flickr icon square The Legend of Robin Hood 2016


flickr icon square Sleeping Beauty of Loreland 2017


flickr icon square The Nutcracker 2018


History of the RLC Theatre

The Rend Lake College Theatre has been a source of musical and theatrical entertainment and culture for the community since opening its doors in 1975. In that same time span it has served as a wonderful training tool for students and faculty, and as a gathering place for college and community functions.

The theatre was one of the few facilities on campus which were completed in the college’s master building plan (Phases I, II, III completed in 1973) and was still yet to be renovated by 2007. In November 2007, a massive renovation to the theater began and was complete by the fall of 2008. The $282,000 project greatly enhanced the theater and its ability to engage the community through sound and lighting upgrades, new and more spacious seating, a much-needed center aisle, acoustic wall treatments, new wall-to-wall carpeting, a deluxe stage curtain and valance, paint, more handicapped-accessible seating, and a repair to make the stage thrust operational once again. The transformation enhanced the experience for community members who attend RLC Theatrical productions and musical events and provides students and instructors a top-notch facility in which to train and be trained in the fine arts. Additionally, theatre and music groups in the community who use the theater on a regular basis are benefitting from the renovation.

The productions Grease and Cinderella occurred just before and after the renovation, respectively, and elicited sold-out crowds the likes of which the RLC Theatre department had not experienced in years, if ever, according to former RLC President Mark S. Kern. In fact, additional seating was required to accommodate a standing-only crowd for Cinderella. For years, the format included a theatre production in the fall and spring, and a children’s production once each year. In 2007, the children’s productions were discontinued; however, the theatre department continued to put on Flummoxed Fairy Tales which targeted audiences made up of young students from schools in the RLC district and whose actors are students of the RLC Theatre program.

Productions at RLC have included:

 Year Title  Director 
2019 Fall Play TBA  
2019 Spring Musical 9 to 5: The Musical Sara Alstat
2018 Fall Play The Nutcracker Tracey Webb
2018 Spring Musical The Addams Family Sara Alstat
2017 Fall Play The Sleeping Beauty of Loreland Tracey Webb
2017 Spring Musical The Wizard of Oz Sara Alstat
2016 Fall Play The Legend of Robin Hood Tracey Webb
2016 Spring Musical Godspell Sara Alstat
2015 Fall Play The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus Tracey Webb
2015 Spring Musical Les Miserablés Sara Alstat
2014 Fall Play The Hunchback of Notre Dame Tracey Webb
2014 Spring Musical Little Shop of Horrors Sara Alstat
2013 Fall Play Treasure Island Tracey Webb
2013 Spring Musical Into the Woods Sara Alstat
2012 Fall Play Tom Sawyer Tracey Webb
2012 Spring Musical Anything Goes Tracey Webb
2011 Fall Play  Father of the Bride Tracey Webb
2011 Spring Musical South Pacific Tracey Webb
2010 Fall Play The Three Musketeers Tracey Webb
2010 Spring Musical Cabaret Tracey Webb
2009 Fall Play Oliver Twist Tracey Webb
2009 Spring Musical Annie Get Your Gun Tracey Webb
2008 Fall Play A Christmas Carol Tracey Webb
2008 Spring Musical Cinderella Tracey Webb
2007 Fall Play Get Smart Tracey Webb
2007 Kids Musical The Coney Island of Dr. Moreau Tracey Webb
2007 Spring Musical Grease Tracey Webb
2006 Fall Play The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Tracey Webb
2006 Kids Musical When In Rome Tracey Webb
2006 Spring Musical Beauty and the Beast Tracey Webb
2005 Fall Play Miracle on 34th Street Tracey Webb
2005 Kids Musical Tumbleweeds Tracey Webb
2005 Spring Musical Chicago Tracey Webb
2004 Fall Play Pride and Prejudice Tracey Webb
2004 Kids Musical Gone With The Breeze Tracey Webb
2004 Spring Musical Footloose Tracey Webb
2003 Fall Play It's A Wonderful Life Tracey Webb
2003 Kids Musical The Twelve Dancing Princesses Tracey Webb
2003 Spring Musical Show Boat Tracey Webb 
2002 Fall Play Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Tracey Webb 
2002 Kids Musical Kilroy Was Here Tracey Webb 
2002 Spring Musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Tracey Webb 
2001 Fall Play M*A*S*H Tracey Webb 
2001 Kids Musical Flapper Tracey Webb 
2001 Spring Musical Phantom of the Country Opera Tracey Webb
2000 Fall Play The Beverly Hillbillies  Tracey Webb 
2000 Kids Musical Snow White Tracey Webb 
2000 Spring Musical Once Upon A Mattress Tracey Webb 
1999 Fall Play Robin Hood Tracey Webb 
1999 Kids Musical Music Americana Tracey Webb 
1999 Spring Musical Meet Me in St. Louis Tracey Webb 
1998 Fall Play The Butler Did It Tracey Webb 
1998 Spring Musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Tracey Webb 

Vocal and instrumental performers from the RLC Music Department lend their talents to our productions, in addition to performing at the RLC Theatre and out in the community. In August 2005, the college hired Sara Alstat as its Music Program Coordinator and she was promoted to Director of Music in 2007. When she was hired, the RLC Concert Choir and Concert Band took part in a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert, in addition to providing music for RLC Theatre productions. In 2008, Christmas Caroling at Benton Square, a Great Collaborators event combining singers and pianists from area community colleges, and an Annual Madrigal Dinner were added to the list of RLC music performances. The concert band and choir have also performed at many events, such as basketball games, homecoming, RLC Commencement, and the National Junior College Athletic Association Cross Country Championships hosted by RLC in November 2007. In 2013, Alstat began directing our Spring Musicals.  

There are many aspects of RLC Theatre productions that are neither seen nor heard by audience members. The “behind-the-scenes” roles include hours and hours of preparation, and set design and construction. For this, Theatre Director Tracey Webb calls upon the services of the RLC Art Department for design and construction aspects. Additionally, students in Theatre Technology learn about building sets from the ground up.


  • RLC has a full schedule of events for Diversity Week

    UPDATE — Due to ongoing health concerns with COVID-19, Rend Lake College has canceled the following event. RLC is committed to the safety of students, faculty, staff and the public and is working to limit large gatherings during this time. For up-to-date information on the college’s plan moving forward, visit     INA, Ill. (March 9, 2020) — Diversity of culture and purpose are...
  • Cast announced for RLC’s production of “Little Women”

    UPDATE — Due to ongoing health concerns with COVID-19, Rend Lake College has canceled the following event. RLC is committed to the safety of students, faculty, staff and the public and is working to limit large gatherings during this time. For up-to-date information on the college’s plan moving forward, visit     INA, Ill. (March 4, 2020) — Rend Lake College’s production of...
  • This month at RLC: A Master Class with Jon Garrett

    UPDATE — Due to ongoing health concerns with COVID-19, Rend Lake College has canceled the following event. RLC is committed to the safety of students, faculty, staff and the public and is working to limit large gatherings during this time. For up-to-date information on the college’s plan moving forward, visit     INA, Ill. (March 3, 2020) — Accomplished musician Jon Garrett,...
  • RLC Thespians welcome public to night of improv comedy

    INA, Ill. (Jan. 22, 2020) — Looking for a night of laughs? Or maybe you want to test your own comedic skills? The Rend Lake College Thespians Club will host its annual Evening of Comedy Improvisation at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30 in the RLC Theatre. The Rend Lake College Thespians pose onstage for a photo. Members include (front row, left to right): Sera Samadzai, Raven Gudermuth, Autumn Mohr, Makayla...
  • RLC announces audition dates for 'Little Women'

    INA, Ill. (Dec. 17, 2019) — Rend Lake College is seeking a Jo, an Amy, a Meg, a Beth — and everything in between — for the spring musical “Little Women.” Auditions will take place at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 21 at the RLC Theatre. Callbacks will take place at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22. The musical will be performed at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 3 and Saturday, April 4 in the RLC Theatre. A matinee...

Faculty & Staff

Psychology Professor | Arts & Sciences Division
Phone Extension: 1804
Building: North Oasis
Office: 142
2012 PHI THETA KAPPA FACULTY EXCELLENCE AWARD | 2020 RLCF OUSTANDING FACULTY MEMBER AWARD | Ed.D. Oakland City University | M.S. Southern Illinois University Carbondale | B.S. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville |  A.S. John A. Logan College |  Certified Instructor of Leadership Development Studies
Theatre Professor
Phone Extension: 1295
Building: North Oasis
Office: 113
 M.A., University of Illinois at Chicago | B.A., Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Speech Professor | Arts & Sciences Division
Phone Extension: 1493
Building: North Oasis
Office: 144
2013 RLCF ASSESSMENT AWARD | Ed.D. Oakland City University | M.S. & B.S. Murray State University
Dean of Arts & Sciences Division
Phone Extension: 1258
Building: North Oasis
Office: 145
M.S. Eastern Illinois University | B.S. Southern Illinois University Carbondale
History Professor
Phone Extension: 1792
Building: North Oasis
Office: 151
2010 PHI THETA KAPPA FACULTY EXCELLENCE AWARD | PhD Southern Illinois University Carbondale | M.A. & B.A. Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Physical Science Instructor | Arts & Sciences Division
Phone Extension: 1726
Building: South Oasis
Office: 140
Ph.D. Southern Illinois University Carbondale | M.S. & B.S., Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Administrative Assistant | Arts & Sciences Division
Phone Extension: 1263
Building: North Oasis
Office: 134
A.S. Business Administration, Southeastern Illinois College

Arts & Sciences Division
Phone: (618) 437-5321 Ext. 1288
Address: 468 N. Ken Gray Parkway, Ina, IL 62846 Attn: Arts & Sciences
Fax Number: (618) 437-5677 Attn: Arts & Sciences


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Monday – Thursday: 8 AM – 4 PM During Summer

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