Services for Career-Seeking Rend Lake College Students

Individualized Advising and Counseling

Rend Lake College Career Services offers a number of individualized services to help you get that job interview once you graduate or move on from campus. All our services and steps can be reviewed and requested below.

We offer individualized career service advising and counseling. Utilizing the Focus2 career planning assessment (see below), we can provide students with personalized career advice and better assist them with resume evaluations, job search advice and career counseling to better serve their specific interests. Counseling is available by appointment or via walk-in. For a resume/cover letter evaluation, a student just needs to email ([email protected]) or drop their resume off at the career services office.

Career & Educational Planning

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Choosing a career is a major decision. Think it's too soon for career planning? Think again! Research has shown students involved in career planning stay on track, graduate on time, and have improved academic performance, along with a more satisfying & fulfilling college experience.

Our new FOCUS 2 career planning system is an innovative way to find a field you'll love and match it with a major at RLC. Complete any or all of the assessments below and our team will help you make sense of your results and use them to guide you down a future you'll love.

Once your assessments are completed, you can email our career services team ([email protected]) to set up an appointment to receive individualized counseling to help guide your career or educational pathway to success.

Find instructions on how to get setup below, then once you're ready you can take the individual assessments at your own pace.

FOCUS 2 Three Step Setup



Use rlcadvise as your personal access code.


Click on the button below and then click "register"


Enter your access code rlcadvise and personal details to get started


Focus 2 Individual Assessments

Focus FB carousel AcademicStrengths

Explore your academic strengths

Focus FB carousel CareerPlanningReadiness

Explore your career planning readiness

Focus FB carousel Personality

Explore your personality


Focus FB carousel Skills

Explore your skill set

Focus FB carousel Values

Explore your values

Focus FB carousel WorkInterest

Explore your work interests


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For more information, contact us.