Rend Lake College hosts local industry leaders at 2019 Advisory Council

INA, Ill. (May 29, 2019) - Dozens of local professionals met with Rend Lake College faculty, staff and administrators last month at their annual Advisory Council meetings. The curriculum and program outcomes in 24 different Career and Technical Education disciplines at the college were reviewed. The Advisory Members help the college by assessing and counseling each program with what benefits RLC students and graduates.

“It can’t be overstated how important these Advisory Councils are to RLC’s mission," said RLC President Terry Wilkerson. "We place high value on our close partnerships with these employers. Our goals — jobs for graduates and skilled workers for employers.”

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AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC AgricultureRLC 2019 Agriculture Advisory Council
(FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Gary Barrett, Scott Cully, Colin Jones, Kathy Craig, David South, Karen Midden, Dr. Brian Parr, Logan Patton, Michelle Telle and Mike Reichmann. (BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Bill Asbury, Jonathan Krause, Mike Burris, Zack Vahlkamp, Robert Zelasko, Terry Dagg, Mark Kabat, Ed Billingsly and Jack Steele Middle Row – John Colgrave, Carol Kowalik, Dennis Epplin, Marc Lamczyk and Kelby McKinney. 

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC ArchitectureRLC 2019 Architecture/Facilities Management Advisory Council

(FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Craig Anz, Kevin Weston, Anthony Lankford and Wayne Aydt. (BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Ed Kirchner and Victor Shockley. 

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC AutomotiveTechnologyRLC 2019 Automotive Technology Advisory Council

(FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Shannon Perkins, Nigel Thompson, Rickey Trout and Eric Bradford.(BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Al Martin, George Hopkins, Dennis Dagg and Mike Behrmann.

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC BiomedicalRLC 2019 Biomedical Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) Kim Wilkerson, Sue Cunningham, Dave Dykstra, Seth Gandrimas and Chris Trapani.

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC BusinessRLC 2019 Business Advisory Council

(FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Kristi Rapp, Andrew Rapp and Shari Carpenter. (BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Ross Rubenacker, Kelly Owens, Sarah Bilderbeck and Mark Jornd. 

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC CertifiedNurseAssistantRLC 2019 Certified Nurse Assistant Advisory Council

(FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Tammy Valette, Corrine Young, Lisa Kerley and Allyssa Jones. (BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Amber Fann, Kim George, Lynn Salesberry, Phyllis Brown, Aurelia Hudgens, Kelly Davis and Whitney Winemiller

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC ComputerProgramingRLC 2019 Computer Programing Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) Jacob Frazier, Dan Tolley, Brad Helm and Nathan Raley.

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC CosmoRLC 2019 Cosmetology Advisory Council

(FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Taylor Alvis, Melissa Bertschi, Daphne Mitchell and Autumn Kariott. (BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Jennie Head, Jonathan Raby, John Sweet, Evan Porter and Alex Rushing

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC CriminalJusticeRLC Criminal Justice Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) Sheriff Jeff Bullard, Chief Trent Page, Assistant Chief Robert Brands, Dr. Julia Schroeder, Sheriff Steve Bareis and Ron Meek.

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC CulinaryArtsRLC Culinary Arts Advisory Council

(FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Rita Willms, Kendra Cagle, Katie Karcher and Lindsay Sissom. (BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Randy Moore, Erin House, Jeff Fairbanks, Robert Wilson, Ravi Karan, John Farrish and Clarke Griffin.  

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC EducationRLC 2019 Education Advisory Council

(FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Donna Krahn, Rene Crouse, Chrissy Confer, Jamie Nichols and Jamie Cambron. (BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Nichole Martie, Susan Thomas, Brenda Heinzmann, Kim Lietz and Brooke May. 

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC EMTRLC 2019 EMT/Paramedic Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) Patsy Lipe, Kevin Sargent, Kristina Lorenzini, Robert Hyman, Angie Litton, Justin Lewis, Dr. Scott Rustio and Carl Dunn.

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC EntrepreneurshipRLC 219 Entrepreneurship Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) Rich Montgomery, Corey Phillips, Kara Andrews, Chris Howton, Jo Ann Dick and Mark Epperson.

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC GraphicDesignRLC 2019 Graphic Design Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) Matthew Carnaghi, Nicole Gill, Daniel Beehn, Jennifer Tarrantino-Linson, Amanda Mossler and Vickie Schulte.

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC HIT MedicalAssistantRLC 2019 Health Information Technology/Medical Assistant Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) ReAnne Palmer, Dr. Lee Bee, Dr. Nina Goloubeva and Georgia Fletcher. 

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC HIT MedicalCodingRLC 2019 Health Information Technology Medical Coding Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) Lora Phillips, Beverly Wyant, Angela Richard and Laura Satterfield. 

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC IndustrialElectronicsMFGRLC Industrial Electronics Advisory Council

FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Charlie Wingo, Kathy Lively, Andrew Singer and Fred Epplin. (MIDDLE ROW, FROM LEFT) Jonathan Halberg, Sean McKinney, Shawn Richeson and John Burke. (BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Randy Prince, Chris Sink and Ken Lund. 

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC ITRLC 2019 Information Technology Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) Martha McCreery Jeremy Joplin, Adam Marlow, Ricky Robinson and Chris Edwards

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC NursingRLC 2019 Nursing Advisory Council

(FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Tracy Smith, Sarah Hopfinger, Lawana Gay, Dianne Randall and Nancy Buttry. (MIDDLE ROW, FROM LEFT) Amy Blakemore, Kelly Pallaza, Susan Harmon, Karen Shaw, Susan Wiley and Terri Hermann. (BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Misty Hammond, Nancy Keller, Henry Clark, Drew Williams, Toni Richardson, Sheri Compton-McBride, and Kristin Hickmann. NOT PICTURED: Kelli Whittington.

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC PharmacyRLC 2019 Pharmacy Tech Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) Heather Adams, Joseph DeMattei and Shelly Bethard.

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC PhlebotomyRLC 2019 Phlebotomy Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) Bria Robinson, Janet Cruz, Renee Ingram, Tricia Collins, Angie Lawson, Lora Bearden and Judy Courter.

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC RadTechRLC 2019 Rad Tech Advisory Council

(FROM LEFT) Abygail Weathers, Annie Dlubala, Racheal Kathalynas, Nate Burgess (back), Jenny White (front), Tammy Sartor (back), Holly Heisner (front), Lyndsey Epplin (back), Maleah Lynch (front), Jessica Roberts (back)

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC TruckDriverTrainingRLC 2019 Truck Driver Training Advisory Council

(FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Courtney Jung, David Nordin and Margo Wagner. (BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Bruce Jung, Doug Harry and Rodney Summers. 

AdvisoryCouncil2019RLC WeldingMachiningRLC 2019 Welding and Machining Advisory Council

(FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT) Pete Wilce, Crystal Nussel and Christina Hutcheson. (MIDDLE ROW, FROM LEFT) Joseph Marlow, Mikey Meinert, Ryan Valentine and Jim Stowers. (BACK ROW, FROM LEFT) Bill Summers, Clint Walker, Matt Jones, Aaron Jones, Bryan Hampton and Bill Kingsley. 

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