INA, IL (Oct. 15, 2021) –  In just a few weeks, an epic showdown in the fantasy world of Narnia will come alive on the Rend Lake College stage.

The RLC fall play “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” cast was selected earlier this fall.  Tickets for the show go on sale Monday.

“This is a wholesome, family-friendly play, focusing upon fantasy, adventure and the epic battle between good and evil,” said Tracey Webb, RLC Theatre Professor and play director.


The cast and crew for the RLC Fall 2021 Play include lying in front: Triston Bigham, Benton (Tumnus/Father Christmas). First row sitting, from left: Zane Shukites, Christopher (Edmund); Emma Wisehart, Texico (Susan); Josh Nelson, Mt. Vernon (Aslan); Heidi Carroll, Benton (Lucy); and Caleb Qualls, Sesser (Peter). Second row sitting, from left: Mattie Loucks, Benton (6th Animal - Snow Bunny); Deb Pettit, Benton (Choreographer, 1st Newcomer-Team Aslan, Reindeer, White Stag, & evil dancer); Taylor Wilburn, Benton (Stage Manager, 2nd Newcomer-Team Aslan, Reindeer, evil dancer); Hannah Smithpeters, Mt. Vernon (Mrs. Beaver); Will Adams, Mt. Vernon (Mr. Beaver). Sitting third row: Jarrett Hirschl, Dahlgren (2nd Army Member-Team Witch); Maddi Maxwell, Macedonia (Dwarf); Taylor Frank, Waltonville (White Witch); Ontarius Rollins, Mt. Vernon (Fenris Ulf); Josh Williams, Mt. Vernon (Centaur); and Honey Harvill, Benton (Unicorn). Standing, back row: Josie Webb, Ewing (Elf, 1st Army Member-Team Witch & White Stag); Alyssa Sawyer, Ewing (Wood Nymph #3/3rd Animal); Hayley Winter, Pinckneyville (Props Master, Wood Nymph #2, 2nd Animal); and Imogen Perry, Zeigler (Wood Nymph #1, 1st Animal). Not pictured is Eyan Code, Benton (3rd Army Member-Team Witch).

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Performances will be held in the RLC Theater. The play runs Thursday, Nov. 4, through Saturday, Nov. 6, beginning at 7 p.m. and a matinee show will be held on Sunday, Nov. 7, at 2 p.m.

Those interested in buying tickets can contact the RLC Box office at 618-437-5321 extension 1467.

The cast includes:

  • Josh Nelson (Mt. Vernon) as Aslan
  • Taylor Frank (Waltonville) as White Witch
  • Heidi Carroll (Benton) as Lucy
  • Zane Shukites (Christopher) as Edmund
  • Emma Wisehart (Texico) as Susan
  • Caleb Qualls (Sesser) as Peter
  • Will Adams (Mt. Vernon) as Mr. Beaver
  • Hannah Smithpeters (Mt. Vernon) as Mrs. Beaver
  • Honey Harvill (Benton) as Unicorn and Fourth Animal (Unicorn)
  • Josh Williams (Mt. Vernon) as Centaur and Fifth Animal (Centaur)
  • Triston Bigham (Benton) as Tumnus and Father Christmas
  • Ontarius Rollins (Mt. Vernon) as Fenris Ulf
  • Maddi Maxwell (Macedonia) as Dwarf
  • Josie Webb (Ewing) as Elf, First Army Member (Team Witch) and White Stag
  • Imogen Perry (Zeigler) as Wood Nymph 1/First Animal
  • Hayley Winter (Pinckneyville) as Wood Nymph 2/Second Animal
  • Alyssa Sawyer (Ewing) as Wood Nymph 3/Third Animal
  • Mattie Loucks (Benton) as Sixth Animal/Snow Bunny
  • Jarrett Hirschl (Dahlgren) as Second Army Member (Team Witch)
  • Eyan Cole (Benton) as Third Army Member (Team Witch)
  • Deb Pettit (Benton) as First Newcomer (Team Aslan) and White Stag
  • Taylor Wilburn (Benton) as Second Newcomer (Team Aslan)

Crew includes:

  • Tracey Webb, director
  • Taylor Wilburn, stage manager
  • Danielle Skidmore (Mt. Vernon), costumer
  • Deborah Petitt (Benton), choreographer
  • Jaron Hubbard (Christopher), lighting designer
  • Hayley Winter (Pinckneyville), props master

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