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INA, Ill. (July 19, 2022) — Rend Lake College constructed a COVID-friendly outdoor meditation space/Zen Garden for students and staff to have a place to seek a quiet space for mental solace. In addition to the garden area, benches and tables were purchased to enhance communication and engagement between students. As a part of the Learning Renewal Plan, funds were set aside to invest in infrastructure for mental health and wellness.

Vice President - CTE & Student Support
Phone Extension: 1775
Building: Learning Resource Center
Office: 129
M.B.A. & B.A., Webster University | A.A.S., Kaskaskia College
Vice President - Academic & Student Services
Phone Extension: 1790
Building: Administration
Office: 110
M.S.Ed. & B.S., Southern Illinois Univ. Carbondale | A.A., Rend Lake College
Dean of Student Success and Development
Phone Extension: 1331
Building: Administration
Office: 139
B.S. Greenville University
Student Success and Wellness Coordinator
Phone Extension: 1264
Building: Learning Resource Center
Office: 117
2011 PHI THETA KAPPA FACULTY EXCELLENCE AWARD | M.S.W., Southern Illinois University Carbondale | B.S.W., Southern Illinois University Carbondale | A.A., Rend Lake College 
Retention & Career Services Specialist
Phone Extension: 1343
Building: South Oasis
Office: 154
A.A. & A.S. Rend Lake College, B.A. Behavioral Science, Missouri Baptist University

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