INA, Ill. (August 22, 2022) — Three Rend Lake College Campus Police Officers received new badges during a pinning ceremony this week. RLC President Terry Wilkerson, and several members of his executive leadership team, presented officers Damon Sims, Sawyer Nichols, and Rodney Sweetin with their new official badges during the ceremony on the RLC campus. 

Officers with President Wilkerson
(L-R) John Gulley, Chief Financial Officer, Henry "Buster" Leeck, Associate Vice President of Academic & Student Services, Deputy Rodney Sweetin, Chief Damon Sims,
Captain Sawyer Nichols, Terry Wilkerson, President, and Chad Copple, Associate Vice President of Institutional Outreach. (Click for Printable Image)

Officer Sawyer Nichols was promoted as the first ever captain of the RLC Campus Police. Captain Nichols began his tenure at RLC part-time in 2015. He was promoted to full-time officer in 2017 and took on the responsibilities of captain in July 2022.

Officer Rodney Sweetin was promoted to Deputy Chief of Police in July 2022. He began at RLC part-time in October 2012 and became a full-time officer in March 2018. 

Deputy Damon Sims was promoted to Chief of Police in July 2022. He was hired as a part-time officer in June 2006 and became full-time in November 2008. 

All three promoted officers are RLC alumni.

RLC Officers Promoted
(L-R) Deputy Rodney Sweetin, Chief Damon Sims, and Captain Sawyer Nichols. (Click for Printable Image)

"I am coming into this position after working under Chief Gary McGill since I started," Chief Sims stated. "I have some very big shoes to fill, but he taught me everything I need to know to be successful in this position." Chief Sims filled the vacancy left by the retired chief, Gary McGill. McGill retired in June of 2022. 

"We are looking forward to carrying on the best practices started by Chief McGill," said Deputy Sweetin. "Getting out, being visible, and helping students is what it is all about." 

"We want students and staff to know they can come to us," said Captain Nichols. "We want to promote a safe campus, and we do that by helping in many ways. Everything from patrolling, giving directions to students and helping visitors navigate campus, to responding to calls that come in for assistance." 

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