Hospitality Management program, courses added

Approved a new program in Hospitality Management and the 14 specialized courses that help make up the Associate in Applied Science Degree curriculum. The Board also authorized their submission to the Illinois Community College Board for action. The program was started in order to train hotel and hospitality managers in response to the state’s focus on tourism development in Southern Illinois. Courses deal with such specifics as Tourism and Hospitality Technology, Law, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Sales, Supervision, Purchasing, Plant Management, Security, Convention Sales and Service and Managing Bar Operations.

Three other courses were approved for submission to the ICCB in Manufacturing -- Polymer Compound Testing, Mold Part Design and Introduction to Plastics.

Financial matters taken under consideration

Financial issues were addressed, including . . .

** Acceptance of the Fiscal Year 2003 Audit Report, as prepared by Clifton Gunderson LLP Certified Public Accountants and Consultants, following a presentation by Bill Crompton. In general, the audit showed "no incidents of noncompliance" in regard to accounting practices. When asked by Trustee Hunt Bonan if a 2:1 ratio of current assets to current liabilities ($35.4 million to $18.4 million) is relevant -- good -- for a community college as it would be for other types of business, Crompton replied, "I’d say so."

** Approved the transfer of $1,311,909.46 from the Bond and Interest Fund to the Working Cash Fund to repay earlier transfers which were made in anticipation of revenues to be received by the college. Tax levy receipts from local county taxing bodies enabled the college to repay this transfer in its entirety.

** Approved a resolution which allows the college to participate in the Illinois School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus, which offers a pooled money market product to Illinois school districts for allowable investment options and financial management resources.

** Approved on second reading Administrative Policy regarding Schedule of Fees for the Rend Lake College Foundation Children’s Center, in order to formally establish a procedure for the setting of fees charged.

** Approved the 2004 travel reimbursement rate at 37 1/2 cents per mile, as established by the Internal Revenue Service.

** Removed the annual limit for Insurance Premium Reimbursement Benefits, effective November 1. This amendment to the college’s cafeteria plan will benefit those employees who insure themselves or their dependents through third-party providers.

Art students raise funds for The Amy Center

Associate Professor Therese Howard and her Art Appreciation students were thanked by Ronda Pryor, Executive Director of The Amy Center, for the recent donation of $380 from proceeds of Halloween basket sales on-campus. Howard’s students have made numerous contributions to this cause in recent years.

Interim tag removed from Kistner’s Controller title

Appointed Angie Kistner as Controller on a 48-week, nontenure-track contract, effective January 1. She has been serving as Interim Controller since shortly after the death of Andrea Boucher this past summer. Kistner has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Eastern Illinois University and has been a full-time Business Office employee for 11 years. In her position as Interim Controller, according to administrative rational, she "has performed well and has proven that she has all of the needed skills and abilities to complete the duties required in the position."

Hoard to manage RLC Coffee Shop at MarketPlace

Appointed Cynthia Hoard as Manager of the Rend Lake College Coffee Shop, a full-time, nontenure-track position effective November 25. Hoard has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Montana State University. Most recently, she served as Coordinator for Keep Mt. Vernon/Jefferson County Beautiful, Inc. from 2001-03. She also boasts experience as Owner/Operator of The Children’s Exchange and as Sales Manager for Hart-Albin Co. Dept. Store.

Lampley, Swartz now full-time on temporary basis

Made two appointments to temporary full-time positions in the RLC Foundation Children’s Center through January 16, both resulting from the recent FMLA leave of a staff member . . .

** Heather Nicole Lampley as Pre-K Room Teacher;

** Staci Swartz as Pre-K/Infant Room Teacher.

Custodian Talley retires; In-Focus Counselor leaving

Accepted with regret resignations of two employees . . .

** Custodian Herman Leroy Talley, effective December 31. He is currently on disability leave and would like to change to retirement status.

** In-Focus Counselor Lisa Wild, effective December 12.

Three future hirings gain approval

** Granted permission to hire an Assistant to the Vice-President of Instruction and an Assistant to the Dean of Instruction and to ratify the hirings at the January Board of Trustees meeting.

** After two unsuccessful attempts to find a Director for the RLC Foundation Children’s Center, administrators recommended and Trustees approved two moves: a $5,000 stipend for an Executive Director to oversee operations of the center and serve as the DHS contact person and creation of a new Operations Assistant position to be advertised internally and hired with Board ratification at a subsequent meeting to help in the Children’s Center.

** Learned of the transfer of Administrative Assistant Connie Sample to the Child Care Resource and Referral program.

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