INA, Ill. (July 5, 2018) – The most recent graduates of Rend Lake College’s Radiologic Technology program have achieved an extraordinary milestone: 100 percent pass rate on their first attempt at the national ARRT board examination.

The ARRT, or American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, exam includes 220 questions, of which participants have to pass with a 75 percent success rate. The examination is required of all graduates aspiring to be registered to work in the radiologic technology health care field.

RadTechClassof2018WThe Radiologic Technology Class of 2018 is, FROM LEFT, Tori Schafer (Christopher), Katherine Cozart (Murphysboro), Raelyn Blumenstock (De Soto), Alison German (Eldorado), Alexandrea Ritchey (Mt. Vernon), Celeste Ellis (McLeansboro), Ashley Ess (Mt. Vernon), Allysa Fox (Thompsonville), Nicholas Hirsch (Du Quoin), Sarah Wilson (Woodlawn), Micalea Morgan (Harrisburg), Hillary Ionson (Benton), Jordan Tripp (Valier), Megan Moody (Pinckneyville), and Michael Wells (Dahlgren). Not pictured is Andrew Phillips (Carbondale). Click on the image for a larger view.
(ReAnne Palmer / RLC Public Information)

In 2017, the national average for students to pass on the first attempt was 89 percent. The class’ accomplishment of passing the test at 100 percent on the first attempt makes the achievement even more noteworthy, said Program Director Holly Heisner.

“The RLC instructors are extremely proud of the Class of 2018. Their success helps us know what teaching techniques work best, not only for the ARRT board examination, but for us to prepare them to be the best radiologic technologists possible,” said Heisner. “This accomplishment is due to them being willing to put in a lot of work and dedication.”

She continued, “This is a huge accomplishment for our program. As a program director, having a 100 percent pass rate is my goal every year.”

In the classroom, curriculum has been adjusted to highlight any weak areas of knowledge with review time added in to cover those concepts. The implementation of mock board examinations has also helped make the ARRT test less intimidating, said Heisner.

For RLC’s graduates, the passing of the exam could mean an increase in employment opportunities or official job offers.

“Many students have a potential job in the hospital setting; however, employers want students to be registered through the ARRT prior to hiring them. By passing the ARRT exam soon after graduation allows the students to enter the work force almost immediately,” explained Heisner.

To learn more about RLC’s Radiologic Technology program, visit or contact Heisner at 618-437-5321, Ext. 1778 or [email protected].

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