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INA, Ill. - Rend Lake College is proud to announce a new logo, created with a team effort between the college's branding committee and the Arthur Agency out of Carbondale.

The new logo features the college's clock tower, a prominent piece of architecture on the Ina campus, over the words Rend Lake College in a serif font.

President Charley Holstein called the new logo a proud milestone for RLC.

"I'm happy to say that we really have a true logo now. I'd like to thank the committee members and our friends at the Arthur Agency ... for their efforts as well."

Work to develop the new logo began with the college's branding committee in March, 2009. Holstein credited Vice President of Finance and Administration Larry West's leadership of the committee to pull together all the ideas and come up with the logo.

"That's not an easy task and a lot needs to be said of Larry and his team for coming up with something as quality as this."

"This is an exciting time for Rend Lake College," West said. "The branding committee worked hard. Over my years in higher education, this has been one of the best committees I've worked on."

The 19 members of that committee represent a cross-section of the college and include:

Heather Bauersachs, RLC Murphy-Wall Pinckneyville Campus Coordinator

Shari Carpenter, Computer Science Associate Professor

Chad Copple, Director of Marketing & Public Information

Dorothy DeAngelo, Bookstore Manager

Jo Dick, Assistant to the VP of Career Technical Instruction

Joe Ervin, English Instructor

Trinda Heitmeyer, Data & Technology Specialist for Project CHILD

Nick LeMay, Assistant Director of the Small Business Development Center

Jennifer Tarantino Linsin, Graphic Design Associate Professor

Glenna Maxwell, Payroll & Financial Accountant

Jamie McGovern, Student

Erin Morris, Student

Julie Oxford, Administrative Assistant for Athletics

Cheri Rushing, Financial Aid Advisor

Jason Swann, College Recruiter / Counselor

Sue Tomlin, Sociology & Anthropology Professor

Larry West, VP of Finance and Administration

Nathan Wheeler, Assistant Director of Marketing & Public Information

Terry Wilkerson, Applied Science & Technology Division Chair

The committee's first assignment was to develop a new logo.

"It's hard to make one mark that will say everything the college offers our students and the community," West said. "The committee wanted a brand that would show our commitment to the values of accessibility, community, innovation, education, employment and opportunity. I think we've done that with this brand."

After the branding committee came up with what it wanted to accomplish, the college hired the Arthur Agency out of Carbondale to help develop the logo. The company has a good reputation for putting together effective marketing plans.

"We wanted to work with someone who was familiar with our college and Clint [Eilerts] is a graduate of Rend Lake College." Eilerts and Dennis Poshard are co-owners of the Arthur Agency, which has been doing business in the area for the past seven years.

"The new logo will serve many purposes," Eilerts said. "It breathes new life into their brand and can stand the test of time by complimenting any marketing campaign or initiative. The logo gives Rend Lake a clear identity that can easily be used consistently, and one that they can be proud of and shout from the rooftops."

"From our unique roof line to the Rend Lake College Walls of Fame and Honor, our college's landscape is littered with good features," West said. "But they are all a backdrop to the Rend Lake College Clock Tower. It is highly visible, memorable and is the distinct landmark of our campus. Plus, it was a project completely funded by the staff and faculty of Rend Lake College."

Before now, Rend Lake College had only used the college seal as its logo. The seal was adopted on March 19, 1968 and designed by student Ross John Wakefield, under the direction of instructor James McGhee.

"The seal really should be a revered emblem for the college," Holstein said. "The logo is something more common that you will see out and about on campus and in the community."

"The seal is not being retired. It is being reserved for rightful use in moments of reverence, like our commencement," West added.

The new logo is being phased in. It appears on the latest college catalog and a few retail items will be available in the bookstore.

The public is invited to attend homecoming Wednesday night in the gym where the new logo will be unveiled to the public. College officials will be handing out free tee-shirts with the logo on them to the first 100 in the door for the basketball games. The first game tips off at 5:30 p.m. and the branding committee will introduce the logo to the crowd in between the men's and women's games. The cheerleading team will also be throwing out some free tee shirts throughout the night. RLC invites everyone to come celebrate homecoming where the RLC student and faculty/staff homecoming kings and queens will be crowned, and the college will launch its third Big Read partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts.

For all things RLC, visit the college online at www.rlc.edu.

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