Mt. Vernon-Rend Lake College unveils the spring community education classes for the Mt. Vernon area.

How about a fun filled night of cropping? Bring your supplies for scrapbooking and plan to work on your own special projects at "Scrapbook Lovers Crop Night." There will be plenty of space and you can socialize, share ideas and get inspirations. This is a time for laughter and great fun, not to mention the enjoyment of completing scrapbook projects. This event takes place on Friday, January 30 from 4-11p.m. at the RLC MarketPlace in room 354A. Registration fee is $10. Dinner and snacks will be provided.

Have you ever wanted to paint a beautiful flower but didn't think you could? Now you can learn how in just a few lessons. In "Beginning Watercolor," learn how to mix colors, shading and highlighting, and finish a floral picture suitable for framing. Join instructor, Virginia McCann on Tuesday evenings, February 3-17 from 6:30-8:30p.m. at the Cedarhurst Art Center. Registration fee is $24. Supply fee of $15 is payable to instructor the first night of class.

If you've been to a craft event lately you've probably seen those gorgeous and pricey painted gourds. Painting on gourds can be enjoyable for all levels of crafters and painters with beautiful results! In "Gourd Painting," hear interesting facts and tidbits about the different types of gourds and some of their uses throughout history that are sure to spark your creativity. Instructor Pamela Bird will have you painting and designing your very own decorative gourd to take home. Class will be held on Thursday, February 5 from 6-9pm at the Cedarhurst Art Center. Registration is $12. Supply fee of $15 is payable to instructor at the beginning of class.

Improper pruning can ruin your landscape potential. Like any other skill, pruning requires knowing what you are doing to achieve success. RLC Horticulture Instructor, Sarah Lee, will show you the proper pruning techniques that will enhance the beauty of any landscape tree and shrub. Pruning provides many benefits including: helping train a plant, maintaining plant health, improving the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage or stems, and restricting growth. In "Landscape Pruning," learn the best time to prune, which pruning equipment to use, and how to make proper pruning cuts. Class will be held on Monday, February 9 from 6-9p.m. at the RLC MarketPlace in room 354A. Registration fee is $12.

Don't let the ACT Test intimidate you! Be prepared! Area high school juniors and seniors can learn how to do well on the ACT test with "ACT Prep." This course is designed to teach reading, English, science and math skills with the help of college instructors, Cindy Birkner and Bonnie Payne. Test-taking skills will be emphasized. Students must purchase Barron's ACT 2009 textbook. They will be available for purchase the first session for $20.27. This course costs $79 and takes place on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon from February 21-March 28 at the RLC MarketPlace room 336.

Learn how to follow a pattern, cut and fold squares of fabric to create a star pattern."Folded Stars" is for beginners, as well as more experienced seamstresses. It's "sew" easy! When completed, the star will consist of 33 pieces and can be used to create a variety of handmade items such as tote bags, hot pads, quilt blocks, or wall hangings. Join our instructor, Marj Bunton at the Cedarhurst Art Center on Tuesdays, February 24 and March 3 from 6-8pm. The registration fee is $16. A hot pad will be completed in class. A sewing machine is not required. A supply fee of $12 is payable to the instructor the first day of class.

Do you need a divorce? Learn how to do a simple divorce on your own. A simple divorce is one that does not have any complicated legal issues and one where you do not expect to have any major disagreements with your spouse about the issues to be decided in the divorce. "Divorce Do-It-Yourself" will be held on Tuesdays, March 3 and March 10 from 5:30-7:30pm at the RLC MarketPlace in room 343. This course is free but preregistration is required. This class is not for you if there will be a disagreement about custody of children, if you and your spouse own real estate, or if there are pensions or other major assets that need to be divided. For these types of issues you should get a lawyer to protect your rights.

It's the 6th Annual "Scrapbooking Bus Tour!" The bus will head to the St. Louis area for a day of scrapbooking memories with Make & Takes throughout the day. The tour consists of stops at 5 different Scrapbooking stores including a stop at St. Louis Mills Mall. Join the fun on Saturday, March 7. The bus departs Mt. Vernon at the RLC MarketPlace at 7:30am and returns at 7:30pm. The registration fee is $30. Preregistration is required.

Ever wondered what all those lines on your palms mean? "Palm Reading," also known as palmistry, is a fascinating art and science of deciphering the meanings of the lines on the palm. Whether you're an aspiring palm reader or you're just looking for a fun hobby, this course will introduce you to the basic elements of palm reading including how to read the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line. Join instructor Sue Tomlin on Tuesday, April 28 from 6-8pm at the RLC MarketPlace room 343. Registration fee is $10.

Ready to register? Contact Lori or Kristina at 618-437-5321, Ext. 1367/1267 or 800-369-5321, Ext. 1367/1267 for in-district residents only.

Pre-registration is recommended. Don't wait until the night of class. At some point, we have to determine if enrollment is sufficient to hold the class. If you are considering taking a class, please call and let us know at least one week prior to the start of class. Otherwise, we must cancel low enrollment classes.

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