Rend Lake College Board Highlights 7/8/03


Transfer of $494,835 approved from Working Cash

Approved the transfer of $494,835.47 from the Working Cash Fund to the Education Fund. Administrative rationale indicated monies in the Education Fund can not meet current obligations due to the timing, or lack thereof, of receipt of funds from the state for various grant payments currently due. This amount will be moved back upon receipt of anticipated monies from the state. Similar action resulting in the transfer of $1 million was taken in June.

OK given to issue $1.5 million in Working Cash Bonds

Granted permission to allow administrators to proceed with the necessary steps to issue working cash bonds and to conduct a public hearing regarding the intent to issue these bonds in the amount of $1.5 million. Approval was requested because of low interest rates and "the continuous delay in receiving funds from the state . . . These funds would allow the college to maintain an adequate level of cash flow to meet daily funding requirements."

Lowest of five Sidewalk Project bids accepted

Accepted the lowest of five bids received for material and labor necessary to complete the sidewalk replacement project on-campus. Approved was the bid from C.K. Robinson Construction Co. of Bluford of $34,716 for the base bid and an alternate bid. The project will be funded through Protection, Health and Safety Funds. A second alternate, for $3,719, will be funded institutionally for a new concrete entrance to the one-room schoolhouse.

Stipends undergo more changes

Approved revisions to Administrative Procedures re: stipends. Additions: $5,000 for a Cosmetology Program Director and two interim positions appointed Tuesday night (see top of next column). The stipend for Women’s Tennis Coach was increased from $2,500 to $4,000 to put it in line with other head coaching positions. Deleted were stipends for Community Training Center/Coordinator for Advanced Cardiac Life Support; Project Director of the Illinois Dept. of Public Health "Heart Smart for Women" Grant; Campus Activity Board Co-Sponsors, and Title III Coordinator.

Mullen saluted for work on IBHE Faculty Council

RLC English/Journalism Professor Mike Mullen was recognized for his participation the last four years on the Faculty Advisory Council to the Illinois Board of Higher Education and his hosting of its May 30 meeting. "This letter puts on record the enthusiastic, positive responses of the members expressing appreciation for your work hosting the meeting," wrote IBHE Faculty Advisory Council Chair Kenneth E. Anderson, Professor of Speech Communication Emeritus for the U. of Illinois. "Arranging for President (Mark) Kern to speak was greatly appreciated as we learned a good deal about the college and its district. His point on the paperwork of reporting to the ICCB, IBHE and the state was well made." "Personally, I want to add how appreciative I am of your contributions to the Council. You will be missed. Your willingness to host a second year helped greatly in making it possible for more than one meeting in Southern Illinois. Thank you for service well and cheerfully performed."

Kistner, Dolce to fill positions on interim basis

Two positions were filled on an interim basis and another replacement was appointed on a temporary basis . . .

* Angie Kistner was appointed Interim Controller for the period of July 1-December 31. She fills an unexpected void left by Controller Andrea Boucher, who was killed June 21 in a motorcycle accident. Kistner has been the Business Office Financial Coordinator for 12 years. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Eastern Illinois University. According to her supervisor, Vice-President for Finance and Administration Bob Carlock, Kistner “has experience and training in the many different functions of the Business Office and is familiar with the reporting and auditing requirements of the college.” She will receive a stipend of $1,650 per month.

* Peggy Dolce was appointed Interim Director of the RLC Foundation Children’s Center. The temporary, full-time position covers the period of July 1-September 30 and will include a $200 per month stipend. Currently employed as the full-time Toddler Teacher in the facility, Dolce will fill in for Director Stacy Tessone during her upcoming maternity leave.

* Michelle Welch, who has been teaching part-time in the infant room, was named Infant Teacher for the RLC Foundation Children’s Center on a full-time, temporary basis July 1 through September 30.

Two personnel changes in Financial Aid Office

Two personnel moves were reported in Financial Aid . . .

* Rita Harriss, Financial Aid Assistant, has been moved from Level I to Level II on the Office Support Staff Salary Schedule. She has been with the college in various full-time capacities the past 13 1/2 years.

* Connie Sample, Administrative Assistant in K-12 Support Services, moved into the Financial Aid Office July 1 and will be there during the maternity leave of another employee.

Abstinence Grant leads to four new positions

As the result of a new grant just received -- a $298,080 federally funded Community-Based Abstinence Education Grant through the Department of Health and Human Services -- Trustees granted permission to create four new positions, approve their job descriptions and advertise to fill these positions:

* In-Focus Coordinator, a full-time, nontenure-track position with a salary range of $34,000-$36,000. Permission was granted to advertise internally only.

* Three In-Focus/Keep-Focused Counselors to work with approximately 1,600 middle school and freshmen students. These 44-week, nontenure-track positions will be advertised externally at a salary range of $26,000-$28,000.

Obsolete Equipment Auction brings in $6,800

Learned proceeds from the annual Obsolete Equipment Auction conducted June 19 on-campus amounted to $6,799.50, less advertising and auctioneer costs.

Meeting held at RLC MarketPlace in Mt. Vernon

The regular July Board of Trustees meeting was held at the Rend Lake College MarketPlace in Mt. Vernon

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