Anyone who’s ever made a cute little picture to hang on mom and dad’s refrigerator, and moms and dads whose refrigerators are covered with them, are sure to enjoy the art show currently on display in the Learning Resource Center made up of paintings by pre-kindergarten students from the Rend Lake College Foundation Children’s Center.

According to Art Instructor Melissa McClement-Engler, the youngsters’ works are based on the children’s book “ish.” There will be a reception for the show at 10 a.m. Thursday, April 20, in the Theatre lobby on campus, and the works will remain on display through Friday, April 28.

“We have been working with the kids on learning about art and gaining confidence in their art,” said McClement-Engler. Her Art Appreciation students have been working with the children, and students in Early Childhood Education Associate Professor Tina Grounds’ classes have been helping out as well.

The kids had been making trips to the art room to create their paintings. They were read the story “ish,” and from there, they learned that everything can be “ish.” The premise of the book is that even though children often create art, adults often have to ask what it is.

“They can tell you it’s a flower, and then you can see that it kind of looks ‘flowerish,’” said McClement-Engler. “This idea helps them to be encouraged and gain confidence in what they create. It’s okay to ask what things are supposed to be. The kids have titled their works and they know the titles will help people understand what they were creating.”

Hence the name of the show – “PreKish.”

“Everyone has really enjoyed this and I hope it will become a tradition of ours to work so closely with teaching the kids about art. Its important to give them the knowledge as early as possible,” said McClement-Engler.

For more information, contact McClement-Engler at (618) 437-5321, Ext. 1718, or e-mail to .

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