Law Enforcement Certificate among approvals

Approved 10 new courses and an Occupational Certificate program in Illinois Law Enforcement Academy and authorized their submission to the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) for action. Six of the courses submitted relate to the Law Enforcement Certificate. Other courses include Art History III, Early Intervention in Early Childhood Education and two computer-related courses, Linux Server and SQL Server Database Design. The 20-hour Law Enforcement Certificate will consist of classes in Law Enforcement Law, Police Function and Human Behavior, Law Enforcement Patrol, Patrol Investigations, Law Enforcement Traffic and Police Proficiency.

Overall tax levy increase for 2005 at 3.06%

Established the 2005 Tax Levy (payable 2006) at $3,894,292, which represents an overall increase of 3.06 percent over the previous year’s levy of $3,778,433. Taxes to be levied are divided between Corporate and Special Purpose ($2,706,046, an increase of 4.99 percent over 2004 payable 2005) and Debt Service ($1,188,246, a decrease of 1.08 percent). The college is not required to publish a notice of tax increase or conduct a Truth in Taxation hearing since the amount of the proposed Corporate and Special Purpose tax levy is not greater than 105 percent of the prior year’s levy. A breakdown of the Corporate and Special Purpose tax levy reveals $1,266,494 for Educational Purposes; $828,927 for the Governmental Tort Immunity Act; $309,124 for Operations and Maintenance; $150,000 for Protection, Health and Safety; $125,000 for Social Security and Medicare, and $26,500 for Financial Audit.

Low bid accepted for Vocational Roof Repair

Accepted the lowest of four bids – $17,377 from Kehrer Brothers of Albers – to complete the Vocational Building Roof Repair Project. The winning big also includes a cost of $3.75 per square-foot for roof insulation. The project will be covered through Protection, Health and Safety Funds.

Resolution re: issuance of project bonds

Took action considering a resolution declaring the college’s intent to issue funding bonds in the amount of $1.1 million for three projects approved at the September Board of Trustees meeting: construction of a track and field facility; purchase of a tract of land adjacent to the RLC MarketPlace, and purchase of The Hitting Zone complex from Rend Lake College Foundation.

Internal business matters considered

In matters related to internal business affairs . . .

• Approved the revised 2005 travel reimbursement rate at 48.5 cents per mile effective September 1-December 31 as required by the Internal Revenue Service. The modification is a result of recent increases in the price of fuel.

• Approved the use of the Federal Per Diem rates as established by the General Services Administration for the period of October 1, 2005-September 30, 2006. The college uses the standard rate for reimbursement of meals; lodging is reimbursed at actual cost.

• Approved revisions to the Administrative Procedure regarding Extended Contracts. Modifications made clarify how extended contracts are computed and salaries determined.

Hanson named temporary Pre-K Teacher

Appointed Vanessa Hanson to the position of temporary full-time Pre-K Teacher at the Rend Lake College Foundation Children’s Center. An October 12 starting date is tentative because it will depend on maternity leave dates of the person she is replacing. Hanson has the proper qualifications for a teacher in the Illinois State Board of Education grant-funded Pre-K classroom.

Salary increase for Children’s Center Director

Approved an increase in salary of $2,000 for the Director of the RLC Foundation Children’s Center, Peggy Dolce, effective October 15 and prorated for the remainder of the fiscal year. According to administrative rationale provided, the Children’s Center is at its highest level of operation; the increase keeps the director more in line with other positions of similar responsibility on-campus.

Counselor Braden submits resignation

Accepted with regret the resignation of Annette Braden from the position of Academic Counselor, effective October 6. A Rend Lake College graduate, Braden had been a full-time member of the Counseling Center staff since February 2001.

Children’s Center part-time salaries increased

Approved an increase in part-time wages for teacher assistants at the RLC Foundation Children’s Center from $8.50 per hour to $9.50 per hour as of October 15. This applies to individuals with an Associate Degree in Child Care or higher credentials.

Fees change, but Truck Driving total costs same

Approved revisions to the Administrative Procedure regarding Fees and approved the tuition rate for Truck Driver Training courses for Fiscal Year 2006. These changes will allow the college to be reimbursed for both tuition and fees associated with the Truck Driver Training courses for students under the Illinois Veterans Grant. However, the current cost of $3,000 for the overall program remains the same.

Learning Leader Advisor position added

Approved a revision to the Administrative Procedure regarding Stipends and a related Job Description for the Learning Leader Advisor position associated with the college’s Cosmetology program which operates as Studio RLC at the Rend Lake College MarketPlace in Mt. Vernon. The stipend is for $3,500.

RLCF Scholarship, Annual Dinners near

Trustees were reminded of two upcoming events . . .

• The Annual Rend Lake College Foundation Scholarship Dinner, for donors and student recipients, on Thursday, October 20, at 6 p.m. in the Rend Lake Resort Conference Center Great Room.

• The Rend Lake College Foundation Annual Dinner to be held Thursday, December 1, at the Mt. Vernon Holiday Inn beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Board Meeting continued until Thursday at 5

An agenda item dealing with tenure was not addressed in open session. Instead, the meeting was not adjourned but rather continued until Thursday, October 13, at 5 p.m. in the Student Center.

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